Low per-hectare yields, early harvest, fermentation and aging in concrete tanks

The vineyard

Planted in 1997 with 100% trebbiano. Espalier training with 3300 plants per hectare. Certified organic cultivation. Grapes are harvested in mid-September.
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In the winery

The must is started for fermentation in concrete. Once fermentation is finished, it is left to mature in cement for 1 year on fine yeasts. It is bottled after 1 more year without any clarification, stabilization or filtration.
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Graphic inspiration

The Trebbiano label is inspired by Composition C; Composition no. III; Piet Mondrian's Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue.
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the vineyard is spread over the hills of francavilla al mare at an altitude of 60 meters above sea level. Fresh soil with low sun exposure. It is affected, favorably, by the presence of the sea at a short distance.
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Sensorial profile

Savory, mineral, with hints that grow during bottle aging, starting from jasmine in young wines, to aniseed, to stronger flavors in more advanced wines


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