We collect only the noblest part of the must and ferment it in steel Fermentation takes place at a low temperature

The vineyard

Planted with Pecorino in 2018, on a vineyard with a Pergola Abruzzese system. The planting layout is 2.50 x 2.40
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In the winery

The purest part of the must is selected and fermented at low temperature in a steel tank
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Graphic inspiration

The Pecorino label is inspired by Alessandro Mendini's work 'Per Depero 4'.
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the vineyard is located in an atypical area, in the valley of the foro river, in the miglianico territory. In this area we do not risk sunburn or overripe
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Sensorial profile

It has a complex aroma, rich in light notes of lemon and lime, balanced with vegetal notes of sage and balsamic.


2018 only tasting - 2019 not selected 2020 in bottle-aged - 2021 in steel ageing - 2022 in steel ageing