An old-style Cerasuolo, which revisits traditional winemaking methods. After a day of contact with the skins, it is pressed and fermented

The vineyard

Planted in 1975 with 100% Montepulciano. Cultivation is conventional.Abruzzi pergola training system with 1650 plants per hectare
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In the winery

Contact of the must with the skins during the first 24 hours, fermented at a low temperature, matured on the yeasts and bottled without any clarification, stabilisation or filtration.
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Graphic inspiration

The Cerasuolo label takes its inspiration from Andy Warhol's portrait of Marilyn Monroe
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the vineyard is spread over the hills of francavilla al mare at an altitude of 100 meters above sea level. full exposure, at all hours of the day. it is influenced, positively, by the presence of the sea at a short distance.
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Sensorial profile

Cherry skin colour, with aromas of cherries in spirit, plums in spirit. Low tannin level. with bottle ageing it becomes rounder and softer.


2017 only tasting - 2018 only tasting - 2019 only tasting - 2020 in bottle ageing - 2021 in steel ageing - 2022 in steel ageing